A Week of Digital with Green River Media

Claire McGee
August 03, 2017 2 min read

Work experience is invaluable; not only does it give students the opportunity to learn about an industry that they have a passion for, but it gives them an insight to a real working world which, more often than not, differs from their initial expectations. At GRM we are passionate about sharing and teaching IT skills, not just in the UK.

We welcomed Jayden into our Leeds office this July; Jayden is currently studying for his GCSEs, including ICT and Computer Science, and has an avid interest in lots of technical fields - in and out of school - whether it be coding or gaming. We believed he would be a perfect fit for GRM.
Jayden enthusiastically undertook a variety of website and coding tasks, mentored by Senad our Lead Developer and a number of other team members. At the end of the week, Jayden reflected on his time working at a Digital Agency in Leeds;

Why did you choose to do your placement with GRM? 

Green River Media seemed experienced in their trade and, after making initial contact, I was eager to do my placement with them. It was also reasonably local, but within a distance which emulated the future commute which I may take to a job. I did this because I wanted the closest experience to the individuality which I will need in the future.

Were your colleagues accommodating? 

My colleagues at Green River Media were very welcoming and cooperative, which allowed me to fit into the team well. The tasks which they set me on helped me progress with my knowledge of programming, as well as businesses in general.

Best task of the week?

The best task was creating an e-shot as it allowed me to concentrate on my coding – which is what I enjoy – it also had less of a focus on the design process that I often find myself struggling with.

Do you think that Software/Website Development is a career you’d consider in the future?

It is definitely a career I would consider. Personally, I find very little about it dull and the end result very rewarding. I also enjoy the problem-solving aspect of it intriguing and I don’t give up until I have fixed the error.

Was your expectation of office life met, or was it different from what you originally thought? 

I was occupied with tasks, albeit of varying difficulties, but I had time to communicate with my colleagues to ask for help. Some of the work was different to what I expected and I enjoyed the coding that I did.
Green River Media support development of youth opportunities within the IT sector and relish in the chance to have hands-on experience with helping students, of varying ages, getting involved; sharing skills and knowledge is the best and most powerful way to guide others in the industry.
GRM are co-founders of the BIT Alliance; BIT is an association that is comprised of the leading IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who host educational programmes - a combination of workshops, seminars and hands-on experience with industry professionals - designed to open doors for the youth generation, into the IT industry. GRM have a strong focus on digital and providing knowledge and training, to anyone that shares the passion. 

Written by Claire McGee

Marketing Assistant