From Analogue to Digital - My First Thirty Days

Kyle Lynch
April 20, 2017 3 min read

Tempus Fugit; the phrase that immediately springs to mind after my first full month at Green River Media and time certainly has flown. The move here has been a steep technical learning curve for me, with my background more ‘analogue’ than digital, but I have found it both richly rewarding and very informative.

Being part of a technologically-agnostic agency, I’ve been learning about the wide range CMS Platforms that we work with such as Kentico, Sitecore, Episerver and Umbraco (to name a few) and it has been extremely interesting. It’s given me an intricate insight as to how their various features can be best utilised in meeting our clients’ requirements and when optimising website performance.

One of the biggest challenges has been adapting to the fast-paced nature of the digital industry, keeping up with latest advances in technology, and anticipating changes to be able to provide clients with sound, comprehensive advice. Thankfully our team of dedicated professionals - from our SEO consultants through to our skilled Developers - has ensured that we never miss a beat in that respect, guaranteeing that we are providing market-leading levels of service.

I suspect the next 30 days will be equally as fast-paced and stimulating, meaning tempus fugit even more so.

Written by Kyle Lynch

Sales Executive