Getting to know... Dragan Stamenkovic, Web Developer

Emina Mustabašić
January 19, 2021 4 min read

In this week's interview, we got a chance to speak to Dragan Stamenkovic,  one of the Web Developers here at GRM Digital.

Dragan helps GRM clients to meet their business needs and requirements by solving their digital challenges through website and software applications development.

Let’s find out more about what he finds exciting and passionate about his work at a digital agency.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and what the DEV team does at GRM?

I’ve spent my entire career working as a software developer. Joining the GRM development team, my day-to-day work involves maintaining current websites and software applications, as well as developing and implementing new solutions and features. As a team, we strive to add value to our clients and always consider the experience of their end-users before we get into development.

I am also responsible to evaluate the code to ensure it meets industry standards; whether it’s valid, properly structured, and compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems. Furthermore, identifying and resolving any technical issues or bottlenecks uncovered by client feedback and testing is always on my list. 

Apart from that, I am also involved in evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, and uncovering areas for improvements for our clients. The objective is always the same - providing a solution that meets the client's business needs and requirements and improves their quality of business.

Moreover, I’m actively advising our clients on the best tools, frameworks, hardware, software, and other IT elements for their business to streamline their operations through better technology.


Going back a few years, how did you originally get into the world of web development?  

I was passionate about the technology from a young age and I put a lot of effort into learning different programming languages and hoping that one day it will pay off. 

It all started during the high school days, where I started getting into game development. After high school, I got to be a part of some really interesting projects, including some custom scheduling and inventory software for a couple of small local businesses. 

This experience awakened the desire and ambition for larger projects and new technologies, so I started looking for a company where I could improve my knowledge and skills and have the opportunity to work with some of the big names. 

My attempts led me to GRM, so I joined their full-time Junior developer position. I was trained and guided with the latest Web applications and programming practices through education, study, and participation in conferences, workshops, and groups, which was a very interesting experience. 


You've completed the Kentico qualifications. How has that improved your work and the delivery to the GRM clients?

We have seen a big advance in Content Management Systems in the past few years and Kentico is a good example of a system that uses modern technology and provides great solutions to our clients. 

Kentico qualifications provided me with a greater understanding of the software which enabled me to build better and more efficient solutions for our clients. Starting from our GRM Digital site, to Keepmoat, RoSPA, Sakura and many more. 

Being recognised as a Kentico expert proved my extensive knowledge and expertise in developing and maintaining applications using Kentico technologies. It built on my credibility and gave me a competitive advantage over the other developers. 

How do you successfully overcome challenges when dealing with clients and their expectations?

The biggest challenges are the vague requirements and clients that don’t really know what they are looking for, or only know exactly what they want only when they see it already built. 

To successfully overcome these challenges, we give them suggestions and best options for their businesses in the long run based on our experience, as well as helping them understand the importance of well-defined requirements to prevent any dissatisfaction once the project is finished. 

We do this practically with prototyping and understanding the end goal of the project so we can offer the best solutions for fulfilling that end goal.


Can you walk us through a typical Monday in the Development team? 

We usually start the day with a meeting where everyone updates the team on tasks they are currently working on and what they have planned for the rest of the day. In this meeting, team members can share if they have any issues on the project they are working on, or if they need any help. 

There is always something new to hear and learn, whether it is a team member that is stuck with an issue or a client requesting a solution to a problem, so we discuss it.

We then spend the rest of the day working on our tasks, assigned by our Project Manager. However, sometimes we get interrupted by some urgent issues or requests from our clients where we jump to offer our help. 

I am always drawn to interesting challenges and learning new things. When having some free time, I spend it mostly on online tutorials.

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Written by Emina Mustabašić

Digital Marketing