Getting to Know... Kenan Haskic, Web Developer

Adna Tuzlak
March 16, 2021 6 min read

Our web development team here at GRM has the mission of providing clients with the best possible long-term solutions and support for their business in terms of websites and applications. One of the men who make that happen is web developer Kenan Haskic. Here are the details Kenan shared with us about his work at a digital agency!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to talk to us, Kenan! Let’s begin with a brief overview of what the web development team does here at GRM Digital. 

The web development team has plenty of different tasks to complete each day. It’s a very dynamic environment and our schedule is pretty busy. But I’d say that what all our tasks come down to is making sure that our clients receive the best possible product, i. e. website or app.  

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, we treat each project as ongoing rather than a "one-and-done" task. Each website and app needs to be constantly nurtured and maintained. Our responsibility is to ensure that the product meets industry standards and it’s compatible with a variety of channels, operating systems and devices. This is incredibly important for our clients, as omnichannel marketing is now a must-have for the success of their business. 

So, the team does not only write code, but also evaluates existing code, fixes bugs and works on areas of improvement. In addition, we are always at our clients’ disposal for web support and advice, as we want their processes to run as smoothly as possible. 

So, what would you point out as the most important aspects of your role as a web developer? What exactly do your tasks involve? 

Well, as a web developer, there are so many things to think about. As I indicated earlier, it’s not just a straightforward process of writing code, creating a website/app, and done. In order for the end-users and client to be completely satisfied, we take into account several different factors. 

Writing code is actually just the foundation. My role in web development means I always work towards developing a solution that is properly structured and compatible with every platform our clients’ potential customers might use. Moreover, it’s vital to take into account factors such as security and SEO. Our clients’ online visibility and the user experience of their customers depend on these things. So, to provide a high-quality product, it’s essential that I work on each of these areas very meticulously. 

Now, those are just factors to consider when creating a website/app. There’s also the other side I’ve already mentioned, which is maintenance. To keep a project up to standard, I communicate with other team members, the Quality Assurance (QA) department, and most importantly, the clients themselves. QA engineers complete the task of reporting bugs and speaking with clients, but I also like to have direct feedback from clients just to make sure I’m clear on what they want and need. I’m the person doing the practical work on resolving their issues after all, so of course I want to do it right.  

You’ve been a web developer at GRM Digital for a little over a year. We’re curious to know how you originally got into the world of web development and digital marketing. 

My interest in web development harks back to my high school days. I was doing some research regarding technology, and the more I got into it, the more interesting it seemed. Not to mention, it was quite clear to me that technology would only continue advancing, so I found the IT industry both personally and professionally fulfilling. After high school, I enrolled in the Faculty of Information Technologies, and I’ve been doing work in the IT world ever since graduation. 

I have always been very passionate about expanding my knowledge and experience. I heard about GRM from a friend and decided to apply. Working at a digital agency has helped me hone my web development skills further, because I grasped a better understanding of just how crucial the web development team is for the clients’ digital presence and therefore their business success.  

Could you walk us through a typical Monday in the web development team? 

As you might expect, our work week begins with a team meeting. We discuss what’s been done the week before and see if there are any issues left to resolve. These meetings are indispensable, because things could easily get jumbled without them. Communication is a powerful tool for successful delivery to our clients, so we always find time to bring each other up to date on all projects and help out if somebody gets stuck. 

Aside from checking if any team members need help, we also review new client requests. There are usually new requests waiting already. So, finding solutions to those particular problems is the priority of that week, provided that everything from the previous week has been completed. Then, with the help of our Project Manager, we outline our tasks and get to work.


Can you share with us what you enjoy the most about being a web developer? What motivates you? 

Web development never gets dull, and it’s a relatively unpredictable sphere. With each project, there are opportunities to learn more and expand your skills. Also, sometimes we receive unexpected requests from clients that we strive to solve as quickly as possible. This can be challenging and it disrupts our original work plan for the week, but it’s very rewarding in the end. We get to accomplish our main goal, which is assisting clients and streamlining their business processes.  

Success is what motivates me the most, and I think the same goes for the team. It increases our confidence and helps us continuously invest in ourselves and our competencies. That’s essential for reaching a high level of customer satisfaction. You can’t deliver quality products and service if you don’t have persistence and a passion for learning.  

Have you completed any qualifications? If so, how has that improved your work and delivery to GRM clients? 

I have completed several online courses and examinations pertaining to different programming languages. However, what I’d point out as the most valuable qualification is my frontend programming certificate by Spark, an organisation focused on the education and training of digital professionals.  

These qualifications have definitely contributed to the delivery to our clients. I’m of the firm belief that the main ingredients to professional success are discipline, knowledge, and a positive mindset. The qualifications I’ve acquired have helped me identify my strong suits, but also my weaknesses. I knew what I needed to work on more and I focused on that, so that I could become as skilled as possible in my work and help clients rest assured that the job will be done.

How do you successfully overcome challenges with clients and team members? 

As a team, we attach importance to communication and a healthy teamwork attitude. We motivate each other and help each other out whenever it’s necessary. I think it’s all about the mindset; every team faces challenges, but as long as you want to achieve the ultimate goal, you’ll find ways to overcome them.  

As for clients, sometimes it can be difficult to fully understand their expectations. They may not be entirely sure as to what exactly they want from the end product. Both the QA team and web development team put effort into effectively communicating with the client. We provide suggestions, present options and offer explanations. The better the client understands the process, the easier it is to come to a conclusion together. That way, our team can efficiently produce the optimal solution for every client’s business.

How does GRM support your professional growth, and what learning opportunities do you have? 

I’ve received a lot of quality support, useful feedback and mentorship during my time at GRM Digital. Thanks to that, I can independently work on my daily tasks and have strong confidence in my performance. But in case I need any help, I can always reach out to my superiors, who are more than happy to assist. My coworkers are also genuine team players, which is more important for a great end result than people would think. 

We’re also developing our competencies in working with headless CMSs every day. Headless has been a huge topic in web development in recent years and we’ve really embraced it. Mastering headless means that we can be even more efficient in helping our clients make omnichannel marketing a reality and streamline content management.

Besides that, GRM Digital provide access to a variety of courses, training programs and learning resources for each department. The company is intent on building strong and long-lasting relationships with clients, and I’d say giving employees self-improvement opportunities and support is fundamental for accomplishing that.  

Written by Adna Tuzlak

Content Creator