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Achieving a 200% ROAS for IMTEC


IT company IMTEC is one of the biggest names in the tech industry on the Bosnian market today, focused on providing their customers with high-quality service and dependable technological solutions. 

Aside from a network of physical stores in several Bosnian cities, IMTEC also runs an online shop that makes their products accessible to all customers across the country. Aiming to strengthen their current digital presence and further develop their business, the IMTEC team were looking for paid media experts that could help them boost their visibility in the online environment. 

Aiming to expand through increasing online traffic 

With today's rapid digital transformation, a strong online presence has become a crucial element to business success, especially in the case of e-commerce. Solid online visibility is usually achieved through a combination of two kinds of digital services, namely SEO and PPC marketing, or more broadly, paid media.  

With their organic position already firmly in place, IMTEC decided to complement their digital strategy with paid media services to increase online traffic and sales on their web shop. For that purpose, they needed a professional digital agency, so they commissioned GRM Digital. 

Standing out online 

In order to achieve a boost in online visibility that would help IMTEC reach a larger number of relevant potential customers, the best solution was to opt for social media advertising, which allows precise targeting, and creating ads on the world's most used search engine – Google. GRM Digital approached the task meticulously, providing Google Ads management services and sponsoring content on popular social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.  

While the main objective of the Google Ads campaign was to highlight IMTEC online and thereby increase online traffic and sales, the goal of the Facebook and Instagram campaign was to raise awareness about deals IMTEC is offering in collaboration with Raiffeisen Bank. 

Stronger digital presence and increase in sales 

The social media advertising campaign is expected to last until June 30, and the current reach is a little over 300,000, which is a promising number. 

The six-week-long Google Ads campaign has met the desired goals to a great extent. It consisted of brand and generic campaigns that included display ads, expanded text ads and responsive search ads. These have resulted in an increase in web shop visitor numbers and in sales of certain featured products, ultimately leading to better visibility and brand awareness as well. 

Numerically speaking, the campaign generated a ROAS of 200%, or, more precisely, 199.64%, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and overall positive impact on digital presence and revenue that paid media brings to the table.

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Great team of professionals with international experience. Experts at their craft. I highly recommend working with them!

Haris Peljto Digital Marketing Manager, IMTEC

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