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Technical SEO improvements for IOSH, the leading membership organisation


GRM Digital has teamed up with IOSH, the leading membership organisation for safety and health professionals, to improve the company’s organic search visibility through SEO strategy and optimisation. 

Formed in 1945, IOSH has become a leader in transforming the work of health and safety professionals in organisations of all shapes and sizes, in around 130 countries. Their focus is to support their members in creating safer, healthier, and more sustainable workplaces.

GRM has been working with IOSH for several years, supporting them with website maintenance, UK design, and a complex ERP migration.

Before engaging with digital agency for their search engine optimisation, IOSH realised that their content structure was getting out of hand, typical of a content-driven business that had grown over the years with no real strategy behind their SEO. Inevitably, this was affecting their organic performance. Their internal team had very little experience in creating SEO optimised content, which was leading to multiple pages ranking for the same keyword and duplicate content across the site. 

GRM were able to assist by implementing full technical SEO best practices to improve IOSH’s organic traffic to key pages, with a view to improving their member acquisition. 

To begin with, the team ran a full technical SEO audit which helped identify all of the issues and improvements to be made. Overall, the website was running at only 61% of its technical SEO capacity. To improve this, we got to work on the following tasks, (in addition to many more!): 

  • Restructuring duplicate content & implementing canonical tags 

  • Adding missing title tags/H1's/meta titles and descriptions

  • Improving non-descriptive/no anchor text

  • Updating pages that led to HTTP instead of HTTPs

  • Fixing broken images

  • Minifying JavaScript and CSS files 

At the same time, we put together a full training guide which the IOSH content team could follow during their content creation process, to minimise any recurring errors related to content. 

As a result of our work, IOSH experienced a 37% increase in SEO site health, giving them a solid foundation to improve their organic rankings in 2021. 

As their digital agency, GRM Digital will continue to support IOSH in order to continue driving growth through their website.

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