Case Study

Powerful online presence for a powerful one-man consultancy


Aitken Advisors LLP is a one-man macroeconomic consultancy based in London. Since its beginnings in 2009, founder James Aitken has been serving hundreds of large investors all around the world, with his current client base including a variety of client types.

In order to become more accessible, Aitken decided a website in this day and age was a must. To make sure he could achieve a powerful online presence, he asked digital agency GRM Digital for help.

Enabling a strong digital presence

With businesses and individuals alike needing to secure a spot in the vast digital space, Aitken Advisors set the objective to adapt to that need. Through a brand-new website, James Aitken would not only become more accessible to the wide array of his existing clients, but also acquire new clients through online traffic.

Another important aim for Aitken Advisors was to be able to include both gated content, available only for registered users, and useful insights that would be free to access.


Choosing the right CMS

James Aitken’s aim was to have a website that would be clean, slick and simple for his current and prospective clients to navigate. In addition, with Aitken’s extremely busy schedule, he was keen to have a site which he’d be able to edit quickly and easily on his end.

The web development and design team at GRM decided that the best course of action would be to utilise WordPress for this purpose. A well-established and highly popular CMS, it offers plenty of options for beautiful design, responsiveness and functionality, as well as an intuitive interface for content management on the website owner’s part.

Through this web build, Aitken has the possibility of uploading his newsletters and papers to a gated Library section. It’s also easy for him to publish industry-related articles in the built-in blog, which ultimately helps SEO and online traffic.


A classy website ready for take-off

Aitken Advisors LLP is now equipped with a clean, easy-to-update, speedy and secure website that enhances James Aitken’s digital presence and increases his reach in connecting with current and potential clients. This is supported even more through paid media services provided to Aitken Advisors, as well as organic social media.

Client feedback AALogo.png

For the last several months, the wonderful team at GRM Digital have been patiently helping me build both my website, and a digital strategy. They are fun to work with, but moreover professional, savvy and knowledgeable. I would unhesitatingly recommend their services to anybody looking to create and expand their digital presence.

James Aitken Founder and Consultant at Aitken Advisors