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RoSPA Member Zone Power-Up Boosting Engagement


Founded in 1916, UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, better known as RoSPA, has been a leading charity organisation in the field of occupational health and safety, as well as safety at home, on the road, and during leisure time.  

Profoundly dedicated to the prevention of accidents in the UK and globally, RoSPA invests time and energy into safety education and creating a strong community where useful knowledge and experiences can be exchanged. With digital presence being key to success, RoSPA needed a digital agency that would create an online hub for all members to come together. 

Striving for stronger engagement 

RoSPA is on a mission to reduce the possibility of severe and often life-altering accidents that may befall individuals, families and businesses alike. At the heart of this lies the effort to build a community with solid engagement, where members can look for advice, assistance, consultancy and information on risk management products, events and membership awards.  

For that purpose, a portal called Member Zone had been established on RoSPA’s website. However, the organisation noted that the engagement was continuously far from the desired level. Members were having a difficult time finding this section of the website. Moreover, due to a relatively outdated layout and design, they weren’t aware of the many benefits that joining the Member Zone would bring. So, RoSPA commissioned GRM Digital to come up with a solution that would boost engagement and showcase the value of RoSPA membership. 

Revamping the Member Zone 

After analysing the existing portal, the GRM team decided to completely revamp the Member Zone and give it a few tweaks that would drive engagement and fulfil RoSPA’s vision. GRM devised a member-centric portal which would function as a virtual department facilitating self-service and giving them a myriad of options. 

Ultimately, the solution implemented allowed members to partake in a new Safety Forum online, make full use of the RoSPA e-commerce site, manage their membership purchases and cancellation, see their transactional history and pay invoices. They can now access a referral system that allows them to recruit other members for additional benefits, and they can see news and information on other benefits, awards and discounts that are exclusive to the Member Zone.  

Furthermore, GRM integrated a learning management system and segmentation of membership offerings into the Member Zone. Through the LMS, members can manage their training requirements, while segmentation allows them to enhance their membership status and purchase additional licences. 

The new portal’s success 

The complete Member Zone redesign as described above has managed to add significant value to RoSPA membership and make this organisation indispensable among UK & international safety professionals, showcasing why they are such a pioneer in the field. Ultimately, it will help RoSPA accomplish some of the main goals of any membership organisation, namely member acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

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