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Creating User Journey Maps


User journey mapping to help you craft a dazzling journey for your potential customers

Website visitors hold the key to the success of your brand online, and fantastic user experiences are a must if you're aiming to transform them into customers. Part of providing such experiences and an integral element in any digital strategy is creating user journey maps.  

The GRM team can help you with that. We are well-versed in delivering visual representations of customer/user journeys, from awareness to purchase, that can help identify ways to create an extraordinary journey on your site. 

Fulfilling your users’ expectations

User journey mapping is all about scrutinising the user’s interaction with your website, allowing you to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and see more clearly what can be improved. 

As an award-winning digital marketing and web development agency, we’re accustomed to putting maximum effort into understanding our clients’ target audience and customers, their likes and dislikes, demands and concerns. 

This approach allows us to create highly accurate journey maps and find the best way to ultimately fulfil your website visitors’ expectations in a way that leaves a lasting, positive impression on them. 


Fulfilling your users’ expectations

We want to make sure no stone is left unturned and each opportunity for UX improvement is identified and leveraged. By creating user journey maps, we help you recognise your users’ pain points and ways to craft a phenomenal user experience. This will strengthen your brand reputation and authority and turn website visitors into customers. 



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Creating User Journey Maps

Mapping the user journey is a vital step at the start of any digital project. GRM can create a visual representation of your customer's journey, from awareness to purchase, which will help you spots trends and craft the perfect journey for your customers.


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A user journey map is a visual representation of the user persona and the various phases they go through while interacting with your website.  

User journeys can be created at any point you think is appropriate. One is when you feel like you don’t know enough about how your users experience your site. You can also create user journey maps after launching new products, services or offers. If you’d like to check whether it’s time for you to create a user journey map, reach out to us. 


What’s the purpose of a user journey map? 

Creating a user journey map means visually representing the visitor’s interactions with your site. This allows you to see the experience from the user’s perspective. Each touchpoint is recorded and you get a full picture of the entire journey. 

That way, you can see what works and what doesn’t. A user/customer journey map is crucial for a solid strategy towards a better user experience, and by extension more conversions. More info can be found in our blog

How to map a user journey? 

A lot of elements and phases go into the creation of a user journey map. The first thing to do is define the scope of the map and your goals. You also need to set clear expectations and pain points you’re hopikng to solve.  

It’s also vital to create a user persona. More often than not, there will be more than one user persona, depending on what segment of the journey you’re focusing on. 

Again, more info can be found in our blog, or you can book a consultation with our team. 


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