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Digital transformation workshops for innovation, efficiency & growth

Building (and maintaining) a firm digital foundation is more important than ever before. For plenty of businesses, digitalisation has practically become a cornerstone of success. That means integrating state-of-the-art technologies across your business to ensure maximum efficiency and user satisfaction is now more of a norm than a mere suggestion.  

As an award-winning digital agency, GRM Digital has a team of professionals who will help you with this process. We can conduct an interactive digital transformation workshop with your key stakeholders so that you can rest assured your business will reach its full digital potential. 

Keep your business cutting-edge

In order to be successful in this endeavour, it’s vital to be completely informed. Knowing your current stack inside out thanks to a comprehensive technology audit and being fully familiar with the industry standards and best practices are two parts of digitalisation that are paramount.  

A digital transformation workshop will make use of all this information and lead you to identifying the most effective solution for your business, serving as an excellent basis for your digital strategy. You’ll be able to discover critical info about your customers’ needs, resources you need to invest in, where your competition are headed and so on, and proceed to map out a bespoke path towards digital success. 


Keep your business cutting-edge

Through our workshop, the experts at GRM Digital will help you determine the best strategy for boosting your productivity, operational efficiency and online presence. 



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Tech Stack Audit

Technology is a key element in any digital transformation process, and we can help you get the best from your current technology stack. Our digital strategists and web development professionals can conduct a full audit of your technology against industry standards and best practices, helping you spot vital areas of improvement in your digital strategy.


Digital Transformation Workshop

Digital transformation is all about the integration of technology throughout your business, driving efficiency and improving the customer experience. Our team can help you identify key areas of focus for digital transformation, via interactive workshops with your key stakeholders.


This is a workshop in which we assess the current state of your business in terms of digitalisation/digital assets. We take into account your industry trends and the specific goals of your business and put them in the context of the technological landscape.  

What’s included in a workshop like this? 

We evaluate your infrastructure through a tech stack audit and find areas of improvement and initiatives that will be most suitable for your budget, personnel and objectives. Then we devise a digital roadmap which outlines all the crucial steps and tasks, as well as whom they’ll be assigned to. We also set up KPIs and determine how they’ll be tracked.  

It may sound like a lot of talking, but It’s worth it – this is how we make sure to fully understand your business and align the strategy with your expectations. 

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