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Identify significant enhancement opportunities through a full tech stack audit

If you want a digital foundation that will be up to standard at all times, one of the fundamental steps is to make sure your IT infrastructure follows all the latest industry standards, trends and best practices. That’s where a technology audit (also known as an IT audit) comes in.   

The digital experts at GRM Digital can conduct a thorough review of your current technology stack to uncover ways you can leverage and enhance it. 

Keep your business digitally robust

A tech stack audit is there to give you a clear, comprehensive picture of your IT infrastructure’s functionality and how well it fulfils your business goals. It sheds light on the reliability, security and efficiency of your systems, apps and servers, and tells you what new technologies you might have to invest in in the future. It also lets you know whether you only need a few small tweaks or a complete revamp to keep your digital structure up to speed.  

Most importantly, however, it keeps you in the loop. When it comes to the technological foundation of your business, it’s not a good idea to take a leap in the dark. Being entirely informed allows you to take full control of your digital assets and make sure that they are future-proof. 


Keep your business digitally robust

The GRM team is well-versed in conducting both technology and CMS audits, as well as providing 24/7 technical support. We’re here to make sure your infrastructure is up-to-date and running efficiently, so that your digital foundation is strong and your potential customers satisfied. 



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Tech Stack Audit

Technology is a key element in any digital transformation process, and we can help you get the best from your current technology stack. Our digital strategists and web development professionals can conduct a full audit of your technology against industry standards and best practices, helping you spot vital areas of improvement in your digital strategy.


Digital Transformation Workshop

Digital transformation is all about the integration of technology throughout your business, driving efficiency and improving the customer experience. Our team can help you identify key areas of focus for digital transformation, via interactive workshops with your key stakeholders.


A technology audit means that your entire IT infrastructure is being evaluated. It’s done to check whether all elements of a system are running smoothly. There can be different dimensions to technology/IT audits, depending on your industry and goals.  
A tech stack audit will show the degree of efficiency of your infrastructure. It allows you to identify problems so you can eliminate them early and improve your overall productivity, benefiting both the customers and the business. 

How to perform an IT audit? 

A thorough tech stack audit is a complex process. It includes various elements and a number of steps need to be taken to ensure the best possible result. 

It’s important to create an IT asset inventory, so that you know every part, hardware or software, of your current tech stack. All information about your current stack needs to be compiled. This also involves information about your policies and operations. 

It’s also crucial to create a risk management plan and address all necessary security matters. 

If you’re looking to get an IT audit done, please reach out to us so we can create a step-by-step process to produce the best possible results. 

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