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Creating an SEO plan for a brand-new website

Your website is where you present your brand’s unique identity to the world, so it’s a vital part of your business success that needs to be approached meticulously. When launching a completely new website, there are a number of things to consider, and SEO is among the most challenging.  

Your web design & development team may have created an enticing and highly functional site, but it means little if it doesn’t rank well in search engines! Our experts will craft a powerful SEO action plan for your business’s brand-new online home to be seen and heard. 

Your online breakthrough

Optimising websites for search engines is not a “one-and-done” task, especially in the case of recently launched ones. Creating an SEO plan and sticking with it requires consistent work and should be a constant part of your ongoing (digital) marketing efforts. 

With enough dedication and a solid strategy, especially in combination with PPC marketing, you can achieve phenomenal ranking for your new site, boost online visibility and stay ahead of the game. 


Your online breakthrough

GRM’s experienced team of digital marketers will provide a robust SEO action plan that’ll get your newly launched website out there. We’re here to help the new online “hub” of your brand rank well in search engines, so that you can enjoy an increase in brand awareness, online traffic, and an overall stronger digital presence. 


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Content Creation Service

Content marketing is at the forefront of successful SEO. Google continues to improve its understanding of quality and relevance, therefore your content must add real value if it's to rank above your competitors in the SERPs. Our digital marketing team can help you craft content that showcases your expertise and positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry.


Local SEO – Expert Services

Local SEO has become a vital strategy for businesses looking to target local customers and increase footfall. Our SEO team know a whole host of SEO tactics that we can implement to help boost your local visibility in the search engines.


International SEO Services

Ranking for your target keywords internationally is all about enhancing the relevance of your website and content to users in each region. Setting a solid international SEO strategy is vital to getting this right and captialising on that all-important search traffic. 


SEO Audit Service

An SEO audit is a great way to take a detailed view of your current organic strategy and identify fresh ways that it can be improved. Our SEO experts can supply you with a comprehensive audit to identify short and long-term SEO tactics that will make a real difference to your bottom line.


New Website SEO Services

A new website can be a great asset to your digital strategy, but without a thorough plan in place, it can also play havoc with your search engine rankings. GRM can help you lay the foundations for SEO success with a new website SEO plan, tailored to your business.


Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is the foundation of every successful long-term SEO strategy, so that's where we start. Our expertise in web development as well as SEO mean that we can provide a full audit of your website and apply any technical changes required.

How to create an SEO plan? 

Creating an SEO plan for a new website is a complex process. A lot of factors need to be considered and priorities need to be set. We will research your target audience, competitors, keywords to rank for and the technical aspects of your website, among other things. 

Based on in-depth research and data, we can come up with a solid strategy. The strategy will involve ongoing keyword research, position tracking, performance tracking and link building ideas. We’ll also work on your metadata and title tags and compile a list of content ideas. 

[H3] When should you consider updating your SEO plan?  

There is no rule of thumb here. Every business is different, has different goals and SEO objectives. However, we do recommend that your SEO action plan be updated every 8-12 weeks. Of course, you can reach out to our team and see what your best option is.  

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