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Professional SEO site audit services to uncover opportunities

In the digital world, we refer to SEO audits as “health checks” for websites. And, like any health check, it needs to be done regularly, so that you can make sure everything’s running smoothly.   

Your website is the nucleus of your online brand. If it’s performing poorly, visitors won’t be happy, and just one negative experience can be enough for them to never return to it. Moreover, it’ll rank badly on search engines, reducing the chances of your brand even getting seen at all.  

As experienced SEO audit consultants, GRM will carry out a thorough investigation of your website to find opportunities for improvement. We don’t offer technical SEO audit services alone – we’ll also check your content and all other essential factors. You can rest assured you’ll have seamless user experience and solid search engine rank for your brand. 

Discovering key points for impeccable online health

A full SEO audit of your website involves a detailed analysis of on-page, off-page and technical SEO issues. If left untreated, these performance problems can prove disastrous to your online brand, reputation and revenue. That’s why it’s vital to make sure all issues are identified swiftly, so that you can eliminate them and flaunt a high-quality website that users and search engines will love. 


Discovering key points for impeccable online health

he GRM SEO audit experts will conduct an exhaustive review of your website and craft an efficient strategy tailored to your business. You can be sure your website will be seen and enjoyed & your digital presence will be strong and impressive to potential customers. 


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Content Creation Service

Content marketing is at the forefront of successful SEO. Google continues to improve its understanding of quality and relevance, therefore your content must add real value if it's to rank above your competitors in the SERPs. Our digital marketing team can help you craft content that showcases your expertise and positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry.


Local SEO – Expert Services

Local SEO has become a vital strategy for businesses looking to target local customers and increase footfall. Our SEO team know a whole host of SEO tactics that we can implement to help boost your local visibility in the search engines.


International SEO Services

Ranking for your target keywords internationally is all about enhancing the relevance of your website and content to users in each region. Setting a solid international SEO strategy is vital to getting this right and captialising on that all-important search traffic. 


SEO Audit Service

An SEO audit is a great way to take a detailed view of your current organic strategy and identify fresh ways that it can be improved. Our SEO experts can supply you with a comprehensive audit to identify short and long-term SEO tactics that will make a real difference to your bottom line.


New Website SEO Services

A new website can be a great asset to your digital strategy, but without a thorough plan in place, it can also play havoc with your search engine rankings. GRM can help you lay the foundations for SEO success with a new website SEO plan, tailored to your business.


Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is the foundation of every successful long-term SEO strategy, so that's where we start. Our expertise in web development as well as SEO mean that we can provide a full audit of your website and apply any technical changes required.


As with any questions related to SEO, the answer is ‘it depends’. A few factors can come into play, like the size of your site for example. Generally, it takes a few weeks (usually 2 to 8) to conduct a full audit.  


When choosing SEO site audit services, you’re making sure that professionals look at your site thoroughly and identify issues that need to be eliminated. This allows you to find opportunities for improvement, resulting in a better search rank and more satisfied online visitors.  
An SEO audit includes a full check of your website’s technical and on-page factors. This includes security, sitemaps, search rank, content quality, speed, metadata, links and backlinks, geo-location, keyword research etc. For more info on what our SEO audit consultants will do for you, reach out to us. 

What are some important SEO audit factors? 

A bunch of things can affect your search rank and a quality SEO site audit will look into all of them.  

One of the main things to check will be mobile-friendliness. This is especially important because of Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm. In order to rank well, you have to provide a fantastic experience to users on all channels and devices. Mobile use keeps increasing consistently, which is why you need to keep up. 

Another thing to check would be whether Google indexes only one version of your site or all of them. This refers to the different URL structures of your homepage (with https or without, with www or without, etc.). When there are several versions, we use a 301 redirect. 

Other important factors are broken links and backlinks, keywords to be improved, as well as on-page content, including text, images, visuals, any uploaded content, etc. In addition, most SEO audits include competitor analysis. This helps support the SEO strategy developed on the basis of your own site. 

The above are just a few of the aspects we look into when checking your website health. If you’d like to know more, you can always reach out to our team and we’ll get started with your SEO success. 


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